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  • Open & Inclusive

    I welcome individuals from all walks of life and I celebrate diversity. I have treated individuals with simple and complex psychological conditions that often are combined with medical conditions further impacting an individual's mental health.

  • Get Professional Help

    Mental Health affects millions of people in America. Mental Health stigma can prevent the adequate treatment of psychological conditions that may lead to unwanted outcomes. I welcome everyone who may be experiencing any form of emotional pain to seek professional help to improve their quality of life.

  • Convenient Care

    Our offices are conveniently located in Gulf Breeze, Florida and Midtown East, New York City while also offering telehealth services to all of Florida and New York!

  • We're Here to Help

    To be human is to be different and we all have strengths and areas of growth that may need support from time to time.

  • In-Network

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  • Services

    There are many different styles of therapy, but all of them center around helping the client reach their goals.